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Group Rules
About :
We want to make buying luxury items a fun and exciting experience! When it comes to fine jewelry, diamonds, gold & silver, fine watches and designer jewelry & handbags we want to offer these to our local clients at wholesale prices. Hope you all enjoy!!

Our #1 Rule is to make sure we're all having fun!!

We wanted to create a unique and different type of on-line luxury shopping experience, yet be able to support and work with a LOCAL and reputable business!!!!

Way to Purchase an item

Be the FIRST person to comment SOLD under an item!! Once you have marked SOLD, you will soon receive a message from us with your total along with different payment options!!

How do you win an item that is AUCTION FORMAT?

Be the LAST and HIGHEST Bidder when the clock strikes the end time!!! Example: If auction ends at 8:00p.m., you have to be the highest bidder when the clock strikes 8:00. So the last and highest bidder that is time-stamped 7:59p.m. Once the clock strikes 8:00, the auction has ended!!!! Time stamps can only be viewed on a desktop computer. We will announce winner's ASAP!! Winner will soon receive a message from us with a total along with different payment options.


INVITE any Friend's, Family Member's and/or Co-worker's that you think will enjoy a fun group where they can find amazing deals on different types of LUXURY GOODS!!!


There are hundreds of members in this group who are LOCAL and who OWN and OPERATE businesses here in our community!! Let's SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER!!!!
Access permission is restricted!